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Jaime Garcia Dias is a very known for his career, and fully accomplished Brazilian author. Dias is a man that is known as a literary pioneer when it comes to Brazilian literature. Dias was interested in literature and reading at a very young age, and by the time that he turned 15 years old he had written his first book. As time went on his love for writing and for literature only continued. Dias had a good start when it came to art and literature. He was born in the city of Rio de Janiero in Brazil to Arnoldo Deas and Garcia Dulce Dias. His father was a writer, and his father encouraged him to love writing as well. His father also inspired him to love and appreciate modern and past literature.

Garcia Dias joined the Carioca Literature Academy and worked as a professor there for many years, it’s one of his biggest LinkedIn credits. This was an academy that was made for young adults and it was made to help them to continue to study literature after finishing secondary school. Garcia continued to write books, and he was able to gain recognition for his work. He also went on to win many awards. In total Garcia Dias has written over 20 books on fiction. The latest award that he has received was the ABC Award of Brazilian Literature.  He’s even started getting accolades for other forms of art as well.

Garcia Dias is president of the Carioca literature academy. This is the school that he originally taught at and he has helped many young writers to break into the world of literature and make writing their career. Many of these young writers are very popular and well-known in Brazil.

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