Organo Gold: Setting The Standard For Wellness

// Published November 25, 2015 by User1

Millions of people all over the world are benefiting from Organo Gold since it’s inception in 2008. With only three employees and a dream to make it happen, that is exactly what they did. Now in 2015, they are in more than 35 countries and they aren’t stopping there. People are benefiting from the company either by using the products or being a distributor/employee for the business. The impetus for the company is to offer and continue to offer new ways of reaching balance in your life. Balance in health, wealth and happiness for your everyday lifestyle.

Ganonderma lucidum is the fungus responsible for this miraculous product. These fairy-tale-fiction looking mushrooms are quite something to look at. These unique fungi grow from the wood of living or dead trees in the continent of Asia. Organo Gold specifically, gathers their fungus from the heights of the Wuyi Mountains, in China’s Fuzhou region. Dating back even to the Ming Dynasty, it has been called “The King of Herbs” by many herbalists.

Heading up this company, is the charismatic Bernardo Chua. Born September 6, 1974, he is the CEO of the company and is a world industry leader in multi-level marketing. This charisma shows in the companies numbers. They are one of the leading producers in the world in instant coffee, tablets and tea. With over a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry, he has the know-how to make decisions that will greatly benefit the company as CEO. His passion for this product and the company that provides it now reaches to six continents, something he discussed in a great video on Vimeo.

2013 was the year that Direct Selling News Top 100 ranked the company the 55th largest network marketing company in the world. That’s no small feat, when you look back and consider his humble beginnings with a mere 3 devoted souls, dedicated to the dream. Recently, Chua has been quoted on his blog as saying, ” The opening of our branch in Turkey is a significant operational achievement for Organo Gold.” touching on the expansion of the company in his own words. He is showing great passion, ambition and determination for the unified efforts of better wellness and happiness for many more in the future.


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