Prevalence of Top Dating Apps

// Published December 10, 2015 by User1

An article discussing dating apps that are found in various platforms gives the statistic that around three percent of adults have used a dating app on their phone. They have done so because of the easy of use and convenience of the dating apps that are provided in different phone applications.

This same article talks about the different apps and which are the best for users. It lists the ten best dating apps that can be found for both iPhone and Android users. The apps have different drawing factors that allow users to find exactly what they are looking for. No matter their age or what they are interested in, the app will offer them opportunities to find someone to date. They can do so with the touch of a button while they are logged into their phone. This makes it not only easy to find a date, but also convenient.

One of the world’s app dating experts was able to compile the list and used data such as user ratings, reviews and success rates for the apps to show which ones are the best for all users. These apps have been ranked from number one to number ten and show users the best features of each of the apps. Users are able to hand select which app they may use for their online dating experience.

If a user is looking for an app that encompasses nearly everything that is included in the dating app world, the Skout app is one that is provided for users on both device platforms. It is an app that is nearly seamless and has a large variety of users to choose from. People who use the app are genuinely satisfied with what they are able to find while they are on the app. There is a large amount of success that comes from using the Skout dating app and users tend to last for a long time on the app.

It was the first dating app that was introduced into the App Store in 2008. It came out originally for the iPhone devices, but eventually was used on the Android devices. It can now be found in the stores of both of the platforms and provides users the ability to use it no matter the type of phone they have. Users of the Skout app have been pleased with the way that it has improved since it was first introduced onto the scene during the year of 2008.


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