Strong Coaching has Positive Impact on Real Estate Offices

// Published December 10, 2015 by User1

RIS media recently posted an article, called The Importance Coaching has on your Culture about the need for well-run real estate offices to have built in coaching and mentoring structures.

Individual and group coaching sessions offer critical moments to hone in on an individual realtor’s strengths and weaknesses, and come up with ways to improve performance with future deals. As a result, it is strongly advocated by the RIS media article. Those small successes create more success later on, because each time a goal is hit, it inspires the realtor to create new goals, which will then be achieved as well. This goal oriented culture of success improves morale, keeps realtors engaged, and ultimately makes the company more money.

Such coaching is at the core of Real Estate Mavericks’ classes. Its founder, Greg Hague, struggled when he first became a realtor. He tried to sell himself, and failed to sell houses. So he created a plan, set some goals, and found a systematic pathway to success. With four key formulas, he turned his real estate business around and became the number one realtor in his state and a nationally recognized luxury home agent. Hague’s office grew to 122 offices with over 4,000 agents across several states. Now Hague coaches other realtors through Real Estate Mavericks so they can find their way to success.

Another key strategy recommended by RIS Media is to bring realtors together. Many agencies have a culture where agents feel the need to “steal lunch” from each other. That type of rivalry weakens the company from within because instead of working together to achieve their goals, agents are trying to defeat one another. Instead of in-office rivalries, RIS media suggests moving that sense of competition onto other agencies. The group bonds, and work together to sell more listings than other competitors in the marketplace.

Once the competition becomes friendly competition, further learning is essential. Without new opportunities to learn it can be difficult for even the most eager realtor to improve upon past performance and hit future sales goals. That is where real estate classes like those offered by Real Estate Mavericks can be a top option for agencies. Since starting to coach other realtors, he has trained over 10,000 people. The Real Estate Mavericks classes are available for companies and individuals who want those same achievements he had found.

Systematic success, the article concludes, is the best way to hire and retain top agencies in any firm. Even if an individual finds a great culture and loves who they work with, they will never stay if they do not see the dollar figures at the end of the day. And likewise, many people will walk away from the money if they do not like the environment in which they work. So it becomes the duty of the managers and owners to create that culture where people can make money, have fun, and continue to grow personally and professionally.


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