Growth Of AI Shopping Assistance With Slyce

// Published December 21, 2015 by User1

New Approaches To AI Assisted Shopping

Visual search recognition software is a new technology that has been successfully implemented by a growing number of major retailers and online businesses. These companies are able to offer consumers something different than the shopping experience that they are used to having when they go to stores or when they shop online at sites like Amazon. In fact, Amazon itself has their own type of visual search technology. The online publication called MIT Technology Review covers some of the aspects of each different approach to new visual search technologies. One company, Sentient, is working with to help consumers find the right pair of shoes instead of trying keyword searches. Users can simply capture a picture of the shoes they are looking for by using the camera on their smart phone or other device.

Slyce Mixes Things Up For Visual Search Technology

Slyce is a company that has been in the visual search and AI assisted shopping world for some time now. They have successfully implemented an application that is available on all platforms, and they have redefined the shopping experience for users who want an easier, hassle free shopping trip. They are working with major retailers in their discoveries of how this technology works and what it is capable of accomplishing. They have been working with the major online retailer, and they have been working with several stores like Home Depot, Tilly’s and a bunch of other well-known brands. They are able to offer specials to consumers who prefer the application and shop at these stores. These are specials that most shoppers will never discover with Slyce.

It is a great day and age for the growth of technology that helps the business models of retailers and creates an easier lifestyle for consumers. Slyce has been there throughout this growth and discovery, and they continue to make major changes to their company. The company just added a special department that is designed to help consumers find their products. This team of product specialists act as personal shoppers for consumers that are in need of assistance. They also act as a safe guard to ensure that the AI technology is finding the right search results for the user’s photo.


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    I did not know that Slyce is a new concept that uses artificial intelligence already but I thought of the times when AI on websites would be common. Really some superior papers reviews could find some creative applications and this will help to make new web experiences possible. I have the feeling that some of the social media platforms will be the first to start using these services because of the great demands there.

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