Brenda Wardle and the Pistorius Trial

// Published December 29, 2015 by User1

Brenda Wardle is a legal analyst who works throughout South Africa covering important trials for the state. While, like any other country with a modernistic government there are murder trials, the trial of Oscar Pistorius arguable took center stage. As one of the most prominent athletes in the country and a defining individual in the world due to his appearance, Brenda Wardle went deep into the trial to cover it from all possible angles.

Oscar Pistorius is also known as the “Blade Runner.” This is because he doesn’t have the lower half of his legs or feet, so in order to run he uses a prosthetic that looks like a blade. He lived with his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, who worked as a model. Early on Thursday, February 14 of 2013, Pistorius shot and killed her multiple times in their bathroom. Pistorius did not deny shooting and killer Reeva. However, instead he stated he did so on accident, thinking someone had broken into the house.

The legal system in South Africa can often prove a bit favorable for individuals with money. Brenda Wardle has pointed out many other famous individuals have escaped any extensive prison time despite being guilting of the crime. For many in the nation, they compared it to South Africa’s version of the O.J. Simpson trial during the early 90s.

At the end of the trial, despite having killed Reeva under his own admission, the defense called for three years of community sentence, with 16 hours of community service per month. Ultimately, he received a maximum five year prison sentence with some of the sentence served under the supervision of a correctional supervisor. This could happen after serving 10 months in prison. He also received a three year prison sentence for the reckless endangerment of an individual, which would be postponed until after the completion of his five year sentencing. So, ultimately, Pistorius will spend more time in an actual prison cell for reckless endangerment over killing his girlfriend, Reeva.

The trial revolving around Pistorius is not completely over yet, however. It is going to continue to be in the appeals process for some time now. He is free on bail ($686 US) as the court system does not consider him to be any sort of flight risk at all, although he is under house arrest while he serves the remainder of his five year term inside of his house.

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