Men’s Shoe Designers in New York Are Trending With Their Own Websites

// Published January 18, 2016 by User1

Bloomberg first reported the story of shoe designers in New York who are avoiding sales in stores in favor of their own websites. There are many men’s shoe designers in New York who fit the bill, but the most popular one is Paul Evans. Paul and his colleagues are selling to busy men online instead of in a store, and each designer has greater freedom to create what their envision.

#1: Paul’s Shoe Designers Are Modern In Every Respect

Paul Evans creates italian shoes for sale on his site that are modern in every way. His shoe designs are some of the most brilliant anyone will find, and they help men move from the office to dinner with relative ease. Anyone looking through Paul’s catalog will find a shoe they love, and the active gentleman will find shoes for every occasion.

#2: Why Is Shopping Online Better?

Shopping in a store is not the idea of a good time that many men have. No one wants to spend hours in a department store with other shoppers, and the whole experience could take much longer than necessary. A man who is shopping online with designers like Paul Evans will see all the shoes they could ever want to wear, and these men may purchase their shoes immediately.

#3: Choosing For Every Occasion

A man who shops with designers like Paul Evans will find a shoe for every occasion. A stone pair of slip-ons will look wonderful with denim, and a black lace-up will look excellent with a suit. Men may purchase all the shoes they need in one place, and the endless walk from one store to another ends. Busy professionals do not have time to spend hours shopping, but a short visit of a few minutes to a website will help a man make his choices quickly.

#4: Prices Go Down

Any man who is looking for shoes wants to save money, and shoe designers in New York who are selling directly to customers are keeping prices low. The price for a good pair of shoes falls slightly, and customers are more likely to return. The business model is much more successful than the traditional model for a private designer.

Shoe designers in New York City are improving their business plans with direct sales. This new trend helps men find fashionable shoes, but those shoes are much easier to buy.