Those Who Want To Switch Phone Companies Should Chose FreedomPop

// Published January 22, 2016 by User1

Many phone companies have started changing the structure of their phone plans, whether it’s for a single plan or for a family plan. As seen on the Post Bulletin website, AT&T and Verizon are starting to change their minds about having unlimited cell phone plans, and it’s possible that they may be adding unlimited plans that include more data with their regular plans. Many who want an unlimited plan with these companies can easily end up paying anywhere from $100-$150 per month for a single-line and even more when other lines are included. These top companies don’t compare in price to FreedomPop, which is only $20 a month for unlimited service.

Not everyone can simply switch from one service provider to another, but so many things have changed over the years that it’s possible to be in a contract with a cell phone company and switch to another company the same day. Many service providers are offering deals that will buy a person out of their current contract, even if it’s several people on the contract and the contract goes on for a year or more. With the many ways available to get out of a contract with a cell phone company, why stick with a company that doesn’t make the person happy?

Those who want to make the switch to another service provider for cell phone service are doing so because of lower costs, better coverage, better service, or the person may want a different phone. FreedomPop is a great cell phone service provider with excellent coverage as well as some high-quality cell phones.

The best part about switching to FreedomPop is that it’s easy as well as very low in cost. FreedomPop has the lowest price of any cell phone service provider in the USA, even lower in price than cell phone service provided by the biggest retailer in the USA. For only $20 a month, it’s possible to get unlimited calls, text, and data on a cell phone through FreedomPop, which is, at least, $10-$30 cheaper than every other cell phone service provider out there. With reliable service that can be used all over the USA, why not make the switch to FreedomPop now?


  1. Promise Marcus
    September 16, 2016 @ 11:28 pm

    There are many cell phones that can be transferred over to FreedomPop, or it’s possible that the person making the switch can purchase a phone directly from FreedomPop. Some of the best and latest phones are available at FreedomPop, including an iPhone as well as a Samsung Galaxy. I think they should read about the 13 Main Mistakes in Essay Writing it will help them wehn buying any of these phones.

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