Bruce Levenson is a Serial Philanthropist

// Published February 12, 2016 by User1

Bruce Levenson has been very involved in philanthropy since the 1982. Mr. Levenson and his wife have funded numerous educational programs. Once one when Bruce Levenson was a part owner of the Atlanta Hawks, a professional NBA basketball team, Mr. Levenson and his wife flew the entire Atlanta Hawks team to the U.S. Holocaust Museum so that the players could learn about Mr. Levenson’s Jewish heritage and so they could understand the great atrocities that occurred against Jews during World War II.

The Levenson couple has me up with a very interesting Non-Profit that they fully funded and implemented at the University of Maryland. They funded the Center of Philanthropy and Non Profit Management at the U of M. established with the goals of perpetuating philanthropy by working with the next generation of potential leaders and managers for non profits. By giving the students the knowledge and tools they need to succeed, the foundation ensures that every student that attends the University of Maryland is a little more motivated and informed about philanthropy and the joy of contributing is now deeply nestled within them. What the center actually does is provide graduate and undergraduate philanthropy courses that focus on teaching the students the skills needed to become non-profit leaders. Each class becomes actively involved in philanthropy by giving away $10,000 each year. After the class learns about the nonprofit, they are encouraged to make an assessment and possibly visit and inspect the program. The class then gives to vote on which non-profit will receive a donation.

Mr. Bruce Levenson is able to enjoy the pleasures contributing to his community due to the enormous success that the Mr. Levenson has achieved in business. Mr.Levenson and his wife Karen have donated heavily to many good causes. Bruce Levenson grew up in Washington D.C., is of Jewish descent and his father owned several liquor stores in the Washington D.C. Area. As a young man, Bruce was very interested with the inner workings of politics so he pursued this interest in his studies. After graduating high school Mr. Levenson went to St. Louis where he graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a bachelor of arts in political science in 1971. Mr. Levenson also received a law degree from the American University in 1976.

The very next year Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson and his business partner Ed Peskowitz launched United Communications Group from an apartment that was located on top of Mr. Levenson’s father’s liquor store in Washington D.C. UCG is information-based business and what they sell it is valuable data. What began with a newsletter for the oil industry grew to providing information for every industry from banking to mining.





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    United Communications Group has been a very successful venture and their databases are currently used by industry leaders in many different niches. That means if rushessay had to make things to make happen and also to include in their feelings.

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