Benefits of a Beneful Dog

// Published February 23, 2016 by User1

As a dog owner, I’m constantly looking for the healthiest option for my “little munchkin,” and Beneful, without a doubt is the choice for us. I’ve adamantly tried to get my overly picky eater to eat healthfully, and over the course of the last year, I’ve bought him bag, after bag of dog food that he’s refused to touch. On most occasions, he’s simply spit out his kibble, and preceded to throw it around like a toy, making a huge mess for his “mommy,” to clean up. Little did I know Purinastore’s Beneful would change my life, and his, until one day I brought home a bag of Beneful’s dry food. At first he sniffed it like he had with the various other brands I had bought him, but then he started to eat it. To my surprise, 10 minutes later, the entire bowl was empty, with no crumbs left behind. I had originally heard about Beneful through commercials, as well as various recommendations by employees at “Petco” stores as a tasty, yet healthful meal for dogs. I was told it’s made with natural, and healthful ingredients, but I was skeptic at first due to how picky my dog is when it comes to dry food. After a few days of eating just the kibble, and actually enjoying it, my vet suggested I try their wet food as well. I was shocked to find they had over 20 different varieties, making it incredibly easy to find one that I could mix in with the kibble he now scarfs down. Well as they say, the proof is in the kibble, and now, with Beneful, it’s as if he can’t tell the difference between his new delicious dog food, and a burger!