Hillary Clinton Support From George Soros

// Published March 4, 2016 by User1

George Soros, a Democrat, thinks democracy, talk’s democracy, and supports people with democratic like Hillary Clinton with her campaign from the Democrats campaigns. Soros in his life has never supported Republicans in politics. In 2004, he supported leaders groups that were on the line of removing George W. Bush from the presidency but with no success. That time Soros contributed with roughly about $18 million for those campaigns. His democracy is seen even on his tweets like the recent one about Flint Michigan: “democratic accountability and inclusion can prevent the type of environmental racism in Flint, Michigan.”
George Soros philanthropy has been from Open Society Foundation and also recently in December he contributed $6 million for the pro- Hillary campaigns. This adds up to $8 million that he has donated to super PAC, which was for Obama’s reelection in the year 2012 to 2015 that they are on the campaign for Hillary. Clinton has recorded the highest contribution from other wealthy investors who are influenced by Soros. Soros marked the highest contributor to the campaign making Hillary the highest in raised funds while Donald Trumps it the last with $2 million that he has made from those contributions. Trump bragged about not raising money for his campaign because he will be using about $2 million a week for the campaign. Soros thinks that the campaign strategy for Trump is like he is working for ISIS. He has been trying to use the France attack to win the hearts of many people.

Soros is a wealthy liberal minded investor, and many investors see him as the bellwether among many rich Democrats. He has his influence ever since his early life in financial trade and more influence came when he analyzed the 2008 crises in the market making many investors avoid losses. In the last month, Soros also warned China of releasing more money to the market and the almost collapsing European Union because they would destabilize the market and cause such a crisis. This influence is also driving many workers in the super PAC contribute more for the campaign, and there are wealthy tycoons who believe in most decisions that Soros made.

The contribution cycle is likely to push on well more to the benefit of pro- Hillary campaigns. The positivism behind the progress has made Soros decide to have a talk with Clinton, and he even admitted to regrets for having not supported her campaigns back in 2008. They even agreed to hold a talk something that Soros has never done with many politicians. He also fights for youths against drugs and is also against their recruitment to the ISIS. To Soros what is imperfect can be improved and youths despite their engagement can be assisted with many programs to make them get education and empowerment. The philanthropy of Soros is unique of all other wealthy investors.