Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

// Published March 9, 2016 by User1

Sanjay Shah moved from Kenya to Central London, where him and his family resided for some time. His career and foundation were laid with his ventures he had experienced there. It lead him to open his own brokerage business and he called it Solo Capital. It is an financial services company that specializes in proprietary trading and consulting. Sanjay Shah is also the founder of Solo Group Holding and Aesa S.a.r.l. Solo Group Holdings controls Solo Capital Partners and Aesa S.a.r.l control Solo Group Holdings. They are all founded by Sanjay Shah and all inter-linked together to conduct and create a successful business operation. Shah also owns many more companies throughout the country. There are more than three dozen that he does own and oversees the operations that are located in areas like Dubai, Luxembourg and London. Since he started Solo Capital in 2011, he has been able to increase the businesses success at quite a rapid rate and has considered himself to be retired.

Sanjay Shah actually wanted to be a doctor before he ever thought about going into the financial and investment industry. He went to King’s College in London where he studied medicine for a short time. Once he realized it wasn’t for him, he began to get more interested in accounting. He graduated with his degree in accounting and started working for an accounting firm. Throughout the years he worked for several credit unions before opening Solo Capital. Since his ability to retire has been available and his solid financial status, he has began the process of starting his own charity based on the neurological condition called autism.

He started Autism Rocks after a cup of tea with his long time friend Snoop Dogg. Shah also had his hand in the music industry and found that it was something he wanted to get back into. Autism Rocks is geared towards organized invite only concerts that are put on by some of the most famous music artists in the industry. He has worked with artists such as Michael Buble, Snoop Dogg, Drake and Lenny Kravitz. Those are just to name a few. He has upcoming future concerts that he will be working with even more artists to help raise awareness and accept donations for the cause. This gives him the ability to donate the money to different types of business, universities and studies that are being performed. Autism has become more prominent throughout the world, and more and more people are being diagnosed, including his youngest son. He was two years old when they found out he had autism, and he wanted to be able to help him in any way that he can. Autism Rocks will help others understand the condition a little bit better.