Be a Relaxed and Organized Bride with Slyce

// Published March 31, 2016 by User1

Society is taking advantage of advances in technology more and more every day. New apps are being created every day and every hour. In a recent article in the Huffington Post, Matt Douglas reviewed the differences between planning a wedding in the past to the present and what the future may bring for brides. One new technology that could save a bride hours of stress is available from Slyce. Slyce provides a universal scanner by either mobile or by desktop as image recognition to help the user find the item they have been searching for. As the bride, it would be as simple as seeing that perfect bridesmaid dress in a magazine or on the lady standing next to her in the elevator. The bride only needs to snap a picture of the dress or any item using the app from the Apple app store and the app finds the exact match or similar result. Now hours of searching and stressing have been eliminated and the bride can relax and focus on other wedding activities.

Slyce’s image recognition technology can be used on live, magazine, or camera images. The app also has the capability to recognize barcodes, QR codes, coupons as well as real images. Brides already feel stressed and pressed for time with the hundreds of tasks that needs to be done before the big day. Imagine being that bride and being able to cross off things on your to do list all because Slyce’s app helped you find the things you have been looking for. If you are the maid of honor, imagine saving the day for your bride by showing her how organized you are by using Slyce’s app and being so organized that you have time to schedule a much needed spa day before the big day.