Listening to Music While at Work

// Published March 31, 2016 by User1


A lot of people listen to music while working, especially those that work in a cubicle. Some people listen to music to make their tasks less mundane and others for necessity, whether for creative or stress management purposes. But is there an objective reason why people should listen to music while at work?

According to Dr. Amit of Mayo Clinic, entrepreneur Marc Sparks listens to music while at work simply because it improves one’s mood. This has to do with dopamine, a neurotransmitter produced by neurones in our brains. When we listen to music, dopamine is released, which consequently provides us with a sensation of pleasure, sensations caused for example when smelling or eating something good. In fact, music can help wandering minds to be able to focus better.

Teresa Lesiuk, a professor of music therapy of Miami University, argues that music can help employees become more creative. According to her research, people that listen to music while working finish task faster, perform better, and come up with better ideas. In contrast, workers that are stressed or anxious have deficits of attention and have difficulty making efficient decisions. Such factors have to do with mood.

However, to achieve such results workers must listen to their music of choice. The participants in the study got to select their choices as long as they would listen to music. And overall, moderate skilled workers benefited the most in contrast to their highly skilled peers. But in the end, ideally workers should consult whether to listen to music with their employers since company polices vary.