Pet Food Manufacturers Leap Into Gourmet Pet Food Choices

// Published April 23, 2016 by User1

Bloomberg News critiques the big change in pet food preparation, menu items, and ingredients. Craig Giammona of Bloomberg News investigates the Twitter trend called “Eat Like Their Owners”. Now pets are eating gourmet, healthier menus, and critiquing their meals themselves.
Several of the premium suppliers of gourmet pet foods are updating the nutrition pets receive their meals. Richard Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of Freshpet. The production facility has begun preparing their pet foods with fresh ingredients and avoid the use of preservatives. The added care creating fresh meals requires refrigeration and a shorter shelf-life. To prove his point of freshness, Michael Hieger, manufacturing chief, slices into a package just off the line, pops a taste into his mouth and closes with “Tastes just like Thanksgiving.”

More healthy pet chow is being prepared at a few of the other popular pet food manufacturers, such as Blue Buffalo and Nestle’s PurinaStore. Purina has always had the nutrition of pets at the top of their list. Purina has hundreds of scientists employed in the kitchens ensuring their pet food is nutritionally designed with the pet’s health in mind. Purina has pet food lines for Puppies and Kittens, Dogs and Cats, and Senior Dogs and Senior Cats. The levels of nutrition assist in the healthy development of puppies and kittens, so their bones grow healthy and strong, their digestive system accepts the prepared foods that are gentle on their delicate systems, and their minds grow sharp and healthy. The senior blends of pet food keep that bounce and energy in their step, vision sharp and curiosity in their mind.

Purina also has an area on their website where pet owners can register their pets by age, health, food preferences, so they special order foods their pet loves and enjoys. The choices are packaged and shipped directly to the pet’s home. Purina has pet’s health in mind when they prepare their foods. They also have products sold on Amazon.

Other pet food manufacturers jumping on board the healthy, nutritious pet food wagon include Colgate-Palmolive that assists your pet in losing excess weight. Mars Petcare is branded by wikipedia as a “global leader” in pet food in farm-to-table foods in their Nutro Farm’s Harvest brand. Milo’s Kitchen, which is part of J. M. Smucker Co, just acquired Big Heart Pet Brands, and they are specializing in duck jerky and grilled beef burger doggy treats, made without the assistance of any artificial coloring or flavoring.