Ross Abelow on Grand Street Settlement

// Published April 26, 2016 by User1

Attorney Ross Abelow is glad to see that New Yorkers with minor offenses on the record will now have a chance to have those offenses dismissed at the Grand Street Settlement occurring on April 30. At the current time, those with even minor offenses can be placed in jail for up to 24 hours while their paperwork is processed even if they choose to plead guilty and pay the fine. Ross Abelow knows that this can be a real disturbance to many people. He especially feels sorry for those with jobs where they can be fired for missing work and for single parents with no one else to care for their children.

Those who want to participate in Grand Street Settlement need to go tot 80 Pitt Street in Manhattan, although cases from all five boroughs can be handled. Appearing at this time will allow individuals to receive an adjournment contemplation of dismissal for their minor warrants. If the person receives no more warrants for six months, then the case will be dismissed, according to a press released published via New York Daily News. Among the cases that can be taken care of are low-level nonviolent infractions that the police department issued from 2003 to 2013. In fact, over 7.3 million cases can be handled although at the last event only 700 people chose to take care of their offenses in this matter.

If you have more serious issues that you need brought before the court, this event allows those minor warrants to be dismissed quickly allowing time for the court to hear more important cases. Of course, before appearing in court, you should seek legal advice. With over 20 years of experience, Ross may be the right attorney for you. He has experience helping companies settle their disputes. He also has experience helping families with child agreements and custodial issues. He is a graduate of Brooklyn School of Law and specializes in cases in New York.

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