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// Published May 19, 2016 by User1

A good brander can do anything that they want in life. Often, success is not necessarily a measurement of what you can do. Rather, it is a measurement of what you convince other people that you can do. That is why unqualified monarchs will rise to power and qualified monarchs thrown into dungeons. Public perception is almost important. Branding is the process of swaying public perception. It occurs when you actively promote yourself so that people will think you are qualified. However, unfortunately, that will cut both ways. That is to say that negative branding can also occur.

Someone Else May Have Branded You
A brand can be difficult to change, especially if that brand is negative. People are much more likely to hold on to a negative perception than they are to a positive perception. So, if somebody publishes something about you on the Internet, it can be difficult for you to overcome. This individual has branded you because they were displeased with something that you said or did. If you provided a service for somebody, they could have written a negative review of you, and this could define who you are in public perception for years to come.

It May Not Even Be True
It can be devastating when somebody spreads a rumor about you. People who you know will say things about you without consulting you or giving you the benefit of the doubt. If the rumor is true, it can be hurtful. But if it is not true, then it can be detrimental, Nonetheless, whether true or not, a rumor on the Internet will still spread. People will still publish material about you without even knowing if it is true. As a result, your reputation could be forever ruined as a consequence of something that you did not even do. In this case, you did not reap what you sowed.

How BBA Can Help
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