Lime Crime Reaches Two Million Instagram Follower Milestone

// Published June 1, 2016 by User1

Lime Crime is a make up brand that was founded by Doe Deere in 2008. Deere has since been paving the way in the ecommerce world with innovative ways to reach consumers. She is responsible for creating the “on lip” business model which allows you to view lipstick shades on actual lips as opposed to swatches.

Social media is now taking customer service to a whole new level and Lime Crime is utilizing these platforms to expand their brand. For example, Lime Crime uses Instagram to reach their following and to create an interactive way of shopping.

Those who have purchased Lime Crime products can use the hashtag #LimeCrime allowing the make up company to share their experience or creativity, e.g. ombre lips, nail artwork. One of the main goals for Lime Crime using social media this way is to take their brand worldwide. Deere hopes to show people across the world that fearless and daring make up looks can be inspiring.

After reaching a following of two million people on Instagram this goal is hardly in the realm of impossibility. Deere also hopes that by showcasing these fan photos, others can see how her products look on different skin tones along with various hair types or colors. Deere finds the fan submitted photos to be an inspiration and is genuinely grateful to have helped her customers, or “unicorns” as she likes to call them.

Lime Crime can be found on various forms of social media but the hashtag is specifically found on Instagram and Twitter. Simply searching the company’s hashtag will allow fans to see many original works that have been created using Lime Crime products. Deere believes that many companies use social media as another outlet to just push their product on the public but that isn’t the case nor the goal with Lime Crime. She wishes to cultivate a community on these platforms and enjoys engaging with fans.

Deere has already changed the name of the game by making her products vegan friendly, providing real “on lip” previews of products, so it should be no time at all before Lime Crime is a household name internationally.