ClassDojo Platform For New Growth Mindset Videos

// Published June 13, 2016 by User1

Growth mindset is the philosophy in education where children are taught that their minds are moldable and abilities can be developed with help. This mindset allows students to feel like they can overcome tough challenges they normally wouldn’t attempt. Growth mindset can be difficult for teachers to integrate in their daily practice.

Class Dojo has partnered with Stanford’s Project for Education Research That Scales to produce five videos teaching growth mindset using characters students already know. Class Dojo is an app that allows communication freely between teachers and parents. The popularity of this new app will help these growth mindset videos reach a wider audience. PERTS plans to use before and after surveys to see how well the message is received by students and teachers. The study they are conducting is more than about a few videos; they are trying to see how teachers and students interact on a day to day basis. Teaching practices that work and those that don’t are a part of this study as well.

For now, they have released five short videos to help students learn about growth mindset. This philosophy hopefully will start to reverse the feelings of inadequacy that many students feel. Class Dojo was the perfect platform, since they have increased parental involvement by 40%. They hope this study is just a part of expanding Class Dojo and learning about teaching practices.

Class Dojo is a free app used by 2 in 3 schools across the country. It is available for phones, tablets, and web-based on computers. Teachers love how easy it is to use. Teachers can easily set up class and handout premade templates to aid parents and students in signing up. Parents feel a sense of empowerment, because they are able to stay connected to their child’s education.

The app fosters positive community within the classroom by rewarding the good behaviors and the achievements of students. They are changing the culture of the classroom to foster a good relationship between the home and the school. These growth mindset videos are another step in the right direction for this revolutionary educational app.


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