Reasons That Make Ross Abelow To Be One Of The Most Successful Lawyers In New York City

// Published June 13, 2016 by User1

New York is a metropolitan area having millions of people from diverse backgrounds. In the city, there are many lawyers. This way, it may be a herculean task for anyone to locate the right lawyers. However, one lawyer has built a remarkable reputation within the city. He is Ross Abelow. The well-trained attorney is a graduate of the New York University. Ross received his degree from the esteemed Brooklyn College. During his college years, he was able to familiarize himself with New York City. Ross Abelow has been practicing law for the past twenty years.

Ross Abelow is revered for specializing in different areas of the law including family law, entertainment law, commercial law and matrimonial law. Out of the four areas of specialization, Ross always loves to work in the entertainment law industry. Over the years, he has worked with different entrepreneurs within the city. Ross has played a crucial role in protecting their intellectual property besides helping them negotiate on their contracts. Through his involvement in contract disputes and safeguarding intellectual property on behalf of his clients, Ross has given the clients much time to zero in on their businesses while knowing their work is protected.

Besides, Ross has played a pivotal role in helping divorce clients. During divorce proceedings, Ross serves as the voice of reason besides helping his clients continue to be entitled to their properties. Irrespective of the risks involved, Ross is always happy to help his clients get through the divorce process. Besides law, Ross is engaged in different interests including caring about stray animals. In the recent past, he launched a Go Fund Me campaign with the view to helping animal shelters within the community. Through the campaign, Ross seeks to raise money that will help the animal shelters have enough vaccines, blankets and different materials that are essential to cater for homeless animals. While launching the campaign, Ross anticipated to raise over $5,000 for the animal shelters around the city. So far, the campaign has been a success.

Ross has always put the interest of his clients first. Over the years, Ross has been offering free consultations, thus gaining reputation for being a caring lawyer within New York and across the United States. His many years of legal experience have aided him win many cases. In order to undertake his duties with much success, Ross has always enlisted the services of trusted employees. These employees have played a major role in retaining clients as they have been offering individual attention that the client deserve and expect. Ross has a uniquely qualified staff. They help in guiding clients on every step of the legal process. This information was originally published on XRepublic as outlined in the following link

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