Boondoggle Environment for Whistle Blowers Now Exists

// Published June 22, 2016 by User1

There are many new and bright opportunities in America for Washington Ruling Class money grabs. They have set up a system to sue any and all types of businesses for some kind of perceived activities that could be brought to the fore by ‘Whistleblowers.’ Whistleblowers used to face potential blacklisting and other measures by their employers and industry associates to ruin their careers so they would keep silent when behavior of their employers was questionable or putting others in compromised positions, financially, physically and otherwise.

That will no longer be a problem as the advantages have now been reworked to completely destroy employers by slapping them with large debilitating financial burdens that are rewards for whistleblowers. A whistleblower was recently awarded over $17 million dollars for the activity of golden whistle blowing. The rules have been crafted by none other than legal experts from the Washington Community of massive regulatory writing. Their power is based on confusing and confounding all parties involved so that things will eventually work out for those who can bring down the private sector as has been the norm for the past seven years since the Obama Administration blew into town.

Thanks to diligent legal minds such as Jordan A. Thomas, a former SEC Assistant Director and Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel in the Enforcement Division, rules have been drafted by many professionals in the SEC, to empower the legal tort profession and professional whistleblowers to work together to destroy the private sector with this type of activity. As they say in this program, “knowledge is power.” Knowing these rules will enable many people within the beltway to pick and choose the next loser to be hit by paid whistleblowers. These stealthy types will find something to toot about while taking on a of position inside of some business that is perceived to be a good target to unleash these new SEC Whistleblower rules on. The assistance of the Dodd-Frank banking legislation, the Washington tort community, regulators and mercenary agents who can spy on private sector businesses for new golden opportunities to ‘expose,’ bad practices have outlined the ever increasing regulatory and legal maze of traps waiting to be tripped. They will have a great way to line their pockets as long as there are businesses left to destroy.

This new branch of socialism, based in Washington and reaching out with its tentacles from the Beltway Bastion of Bureaucratic opportunists can now rape and pillage the private sector on the premise of Whistleblowing until there is no more of other people’s money left to confiscate.