Securus Technologies Calls Attention to Infringement of Integrity by Global Tel Link

// Published June 24, 2016 by User1

Securus Technologies is a civil and criminal justice technology provider. They provide services for public safety, corrections, and other similar industries. They have an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau []. Securus put out a press release [] announcing the release of several reports and articles pointing out the misconduct and malpractices of inmate communications service provider Global Tel Link also widely known by the acronym GTL. This press release is the first in a set of articles Securus plans to release that will emphasize the iniquity and the infringement of integrity of GTL. Full article posted on the PR Newswire website.
Securus Technologies Chief Executive Officer Richard A. Smith was quoted saying “I love our industry – serving law enforcement, corrections, inmates, friends/family members, and all of society, It offends me and our entire industry when a carrier stoops well below the integrity bar that most other carriers have – but GTL does not. Our business’ mission is a lot more than making money. It is to serve all of our customers with their best interests at heart – in the right way.”

Securus America Technologies plans to continue their review and issue these press releases during the succeeding six months effectively shaming GTL into raising their operational standards to include a higher integrity and moral fiber. The first document was a formal order by Louisiana Public Service Commission highlighting the actions of GTL while they were providers for outgoing telecommunication services for the Louisiana Department of Corrections.

The order revealed that GTL had been advancing the duration of calls and increasing the rates per minute. This practice was unauthorized and resulted in Louisiana taxpayers being overcharged by over a million dollars. While this document was dated eighteen years ago, Securus feels that time doesn’t take away from the wrongs that went on. Smith went on to discuss the ethical responsibility of all sectors and the plan to enforce this standard.