Want An Unlimited Plan For Only 20 Bucks A Month?

// Published July 8, 2016 by User1

If you said yes, you are not the only one. Mobile bills are slowly beginning to be one of our highest monthly bills, so how can you get an unlimited plan for only 20 dollars a month? Say goodbye to your old plan and hello to FreedomPop.

FreedomPop, for those have not heard of them yet, is a mobile and wireless internet provider located in California. They are similar to the more popular carriers in the way that they offer a variety of different plans and services including the 20 dollar “Unlimited Everything Plan”. There are some drawbacks to the everything plan that you should be aware of. If you consume over 1GB of data during your monthly billing speed, your data speed will slow down. There is a drop from 4G to 3G. Not a big deal, but for those who like their data to upload quickly this is something to keep in mind. This plan is available in selected areas.

There are plenty of other plans that are offered by FreedomPop if you find that the drop in speed would be a problem. There are plans that offer more text messages and voice minutes, however the plan does put a cap on the data that is available. There is also a free plan. Yes a free plan, however, it is considered for those who can be categorized as lite users. If you are someone who only wants a mobile phone in case of an emergency or someone who does not use a lot of data, this may be the perfect plan with you.

FreedomPop is on the Sprint’s 4G LTE network and offers phones and devices that are compatible with their network. New phones come with a free plan that offers limited data, voice calls, and text messages. Also, new phones have the capability of being used as hot spots. FreedomPop services are available in other countries besides the United States and there are plans to continue to expand their coverage.

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