BBA: A Successful Newcomer to the World of Reputation Online Management

// Published July 20, 2016 by User1

In today’s world, the power of the Internet cannot be underestimated. Individuals are constantly performing Internet searches to seek out companies for any number of products or services they are interested in. Ideally, whenever a person seeks out information about a company on the Web, honest reports about that firm will pop up and they will be positive.

But what happens when a negative article pops up, especially on the first page of the search? This happening is likely to cause the potential customer to move on to the next possible company. The fact that a negative article came up so quickly probably made the first company lose that customer.

Additionally, it is entirely possible that the negative article was a totally unfair one. In this kind of situation, does the company owner have any recourse? Is it possible to have negative articles moved further down the list so that none pop up quickly? As a matter of fact, it is.

Bury Bad Articles is a new company that exists to help firm owners out in just this type of situation.

Negative press can cost company owners substantial amounts of money. BBA’s research, in fact, has revealed that a figure as high as 22% of potential clients will move on to another company after finding even only one negative article on the Internet. When finding three negative articles, the figure goes up to 55% and, after finding four negative articles, companies are likely to have lost 70% of the customers they would have won.

BBA has developed a two-fold procedure that involves the creation of large numbers of new articles in addition to returning to the necessary online pages again and again. In this way, the positive stories will push negative articles further down. The company promises to be diligent about staying on top of these situations and guarantees that their services will protect their clients successfully.