Kabbalah Center is a Trusted Provider of Unique Kabbalistic Teachings

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Kabbalah emphasizes more on being other-centered rather than being ego-centered. The meaning of Kabbalah is “to receive”. Learners must be ready to learn and open themselves to a higher reality in order to receive Kabbalistic wisdom. After acquiring the kabbalistic wisdom, an individual can see godliness within all creations.

Types of Kabbalah

Kabbalah is available in three distinct categories: the theoretical, the spiritual, and the magical. The theoretical handles the innermost dimensions of reality. The spiritual concerns itself with the souls, worlds, and angels. Additionally, the spiritual has a special sub-branch called the meditative, which focuses on training the learner on strategies for reaching the highest meditative states of cognizance. The students may learn to achieve a state of prophecy via letter permutations and divine names. The magical is a category of Kabbalah that teaches students on how to alter and influence the course of natures. It utilizes incantations, magical seals, divine names, amulets, as well as other mystical exercises.

Importance of studying Kabbalah

Kabbalistic wisdom offers practical guidance to people who focus on understanding it. It offers cosmic direction to the problems that individuals encounter. Mastering the cosmic dimension is instrumental in overcoming challenges. The Kabbalistic teachings do not align with any religion or culture.

Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah Centre is the biggest global organization committed to spreading the wisdom of Kabbalah. Its major objective is to avail tools and wisdom that can assist people to better their lives and make the world peaceful. Rav Yehuda Ashlag founded the organization in 1922. The Kabbalah Center is indisputably the trusted provider of Kabbalistic wisdom and has 50 locations across the globe and over 5,000 people learning every week.

The organization has both online and physical learning locations, which offer lectures, books, prayer services, DVDs, and CDs.  The organization offers an ideal environment for students to grow spiritual, interact with other like-minded people, and form meaningful relationships with them. Kabbala Center aims at providing quality Kabbalistic teachings to the learners. It has competent teachers who have an impressive mastery of kabbalistic wisdom. Visit teamkabbalah.com for more information about getting started.


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