Jose Manuel Gonzalez Truth

// Published September 13, 2016 by User1

Jose Manuel Gonzalez, agricultural businessman, was president of FEDECAMARAS and he is currently deputy to the National Assembly representing Guarico State. He offers us the quality of two successive experiences of public service from two different but complementary areas. It is an active entrepreneur borrowed to politics.

His opinion about Agro-Industry in Venezuela.

Like the rest of the sector, the Agro-Industry is in a precarious situation. We stoped producing 500,000 tons of rice. 300.000 tons of corn. But also we not have the foreign exchange to import. This condemns us to a “roller coaster” type precarious supply where no one can guarantee anything. We do not count either with supplies and spare parts, the little that is achieved is unattainable.

From the Assembly we always try to understand the situation of agriculture. But it was always unsuccessful management. A closed-door government pointed its flaws and weaknesses, but always turned a deaf ear. Always they argued that “things were not dependent on them,” which also showed the fragility of the coalition government and the preponderance of official importer group always imposed its position: “cheap to steal dollars, overbilling and the remainder is what is brought in imports. Indeed, imports large distortions due to the perverse structure of exchange rates. Such distortions are the real culprits smuggling and inequities in the bi-national businesses. If you remove these distortions these problems would be over.

Insecurity affects the productive outcome. In agricultural states it is evident. Guarico is an unsafe state, hundreds of farmers paying vaccines to criminal gangs, more than 10 kidnappings per week, carjackings to do extortion. “There is a municipality in Guarico where this situation is different. And we see that municipal governments, regional or national government do something to solve the problem. ” The money, instead of going to production is going to organized crime.

“I think the government will try to import food, which will be overbilled and be easy to smuggle contraband. But with shortages of foreign exchange we have no doubt that the food situation will be very difficult. ” The question we all ask ourselves is what is the tessitura of that smuggling extraction. The truth is that the cause is one: the bad economic policy and its pairing with impunity. There are many hands tucked but one reason: the socialism of the XXI century.

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