Norka Martinez Luque – Transmitting Love Through Music

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Norka Martinez Luque is one of the most inspirational young singer who is a role model for the new generation of celebrities. Her life story and rise to the fame shows commitment, passion and struggle where nothing is impossible. Already, youngsters, particularly in Venezuela, the United States and other Hispanic communities are getting inspired by Norka.


Luckily, Norka found her passion in the early age. She loved music, therefore she began to take music classes with the support of her family. The musical training began with the practice of piano, ballet and flamenco. However, Norka also understood that she must continue her studies, which will help her in the future. In fact, it is believed that her decision to continue her studies transformed her into a thinker who would produce music not only for fun, but also to deliver the message of hope.


To pursue her passion, Norka moved to France where she got a degree in Business Administration. Besides, she also studied culinary arts, marketing and fashion. During her studies, she joined a local band as a singer. Whatever time she could spare from her studies, she would devout it to singing. Despite the fact that her band did not get the publicity it deserved, she caught the eye of the famous musical producer, Emilio Estefan. Emilio Jr understood that Norka was special because her songs reflected her desire to offer hope to others. According to Norka, her success is mainly the result of Emilio’s training. She also added that her songs and the struggle she endured to achieve the fame helped her understand that life is a present, which should be enjoyed.


Her song Milagro, which is promoted with El Cata, has become an instant hit with audience in Venezuela, United States and Puerto Rico. It is also notable that musicals for Milagro were produced by such famous producers including Emilio Estefan Jr., Hermanos Gaitán, Archie Pena and Luigi Giraldo. As a mixture of Caribbean sounds, reggae and Mediterranean traces, the song is already among the favorites on the prestigious Latin Music Billboards.


Talking about the success of Milagro, Norka insisted that music should be able to move the audience. As such, her musical gives the message of hope and love to others. She also suggested that music and society should go hand-in-hand because music has the ability to touch human emotions unlike other mediums. Therefore, she selected music as the medium to transmit love.

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