Uncommon Schools And Keith Mann Team Up To Help Uncommon Schools Graduating High School Seniors

// Published October 17, 2016 by User1

Most people cannot afford college on their own. Most people seek assistance for paying for college through a variety of avenues such as loans, grants, and scholarships. For many people, scholarships provide many benefits. One of the reasons why scholarships are a good source of money to pay for college is that scholarships do not have to be repaid.


A scholarship is a good source of funds to pay for college expenses but some work is usually required to receive a scholarship. In addition, people usually have to have a certain level of grades to be eligible to receive a scholarship. For graduating high school seniors, there is typically multiple scholarships that are available. The reason is because individuals, businesses, and organizations provide scholarships for deserving students in one form or another.


 Uncommon Schools has received a scholarship from businessman Keith Mann for its high schools located in Brooklyn. The scholarships are for graduating seniors from one of the high schools. One scholarship per year will be awarded to a graduating high school senior. The value of the scholarship is $5,000.


Uncommon Schools manages a network of charter schools that provide quality education for its students from K-12. Uncommon Schools has a long tradition of helping many students graduate from high school and go on to attend college and earn a college degree.


The scholarship award provided by Keith Mann, who is the founder of Dynamics Search Partners, was established by Mr. Mann to help students attend and pay for college. As the founder and also CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann has worked hard to grow his firm. Dynamics Search Partners is an executive search firm that provides an array of executive search services to companies looking to fill key executive roles.


Keith Mann has many years of experience in the executive search industry. Mr. Mann has been able to help hundreds of companies fill executive roles within their organizations. In a business world that needs quality executive talent to lead and manage companies, firms such as Keith Mann’s Dynamics Search Partners are needed to help locate and evaluate talent for these companies.

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