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// Published November 1, 2016 by User1

One of the reasons that Fabletics is so successful (just check out their Instagram following) is that it does more than just offer good looking clothes for women. It also supports meaningful causes. After all, people don’t just look at a company for the products that it offers. Once people become accustomed to a certain company that offers them products that they like, then they will want to know more about this certain company. Among the things that they will learn about the company include the type of causes that they support. Fortunately, Kate Hudson and Fabletics is putting their money and efforts towards a very important cause.

Fabletics has recently partnered with Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, a nonprofit foundation that is made with the sole purpose of fighting breast cancer. Kate Hudson has expressed personal interest in doing whatever she can to help with the condition that affects so many in this day and age. This is one of the reasons that Fabletics is growing as a business. They are taking on the right causes. This not only offers women the chance to look good, but to also feel good about their brand. People want to feel like they are supporting an important cause. Fabletics offers them the chance to feel that way.

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One advantage that this gives people that shop at Fabletics is that while they are doing good things for themselves, they are also helping out with a cause that is affecting many people in this day and age. One of the things that donating to this cause does is help people do the research needed in order to come up with something that will be very effective as a treatment for breast cancer. For one thing, people will be able to not only treat it better, but also detect it before it causes too many problems.

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