Dental Sleep Matters is having a major impact on the world.

// Published November 12, 2016 by User1

Sleep Apnea is a dangerous disease that too often goes overlooked. Over time this disease can increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other dangerous ailments. The disorder also increases your risk of accidental death as you can actually stop breathing during your sleep. While the disorder went overlooked for many years, sleep apnea is now becoming a major priority for health professionals around the world. Doctors, surgeons, and even dentists are starting to focus on the disorder.


Avi Weisfogel has dedicated his life to his dentistry. He loves working on his customer’s teeth, but he has recently taken a major interest in his customers sleep habits. He knows that dentists have the opportunity to get really close to their customer’s mouths and can watch their patients sleep. He knows that dentists have a unique opportunity to diagnose their customers with sleep apnea, so he founded Dental Sleep Matters.


Dental Sleep Matters is a truly unique program. This organization of dentists works together to help diagnose people with sleep apnea. They also help fund various programs that could help cure sleep apnea through dental procedures. The organization also works closely with other medical professionals to ensure that more people that need help with their sleep.


Dental Sleep Matters has changed the way physicians operate. This new model for patient care allows all medical professionals to get a bigger picture of patient health. Avi believes that this new model will benefit patients and professionals throughout the medical industry.


Avi Weisfogel has contributed significantly to his patient’s health as both a dentist and the founder of Dental Sleep Matters, but he has other interests. Avi spends much of his time working on his music career. Avi also enjoys giving back to charities around the globe. Avi has often been described as a modern renaissance man and he enjoys that reputation.


Sleep apnea is a major threat to people’s health. If Sleep apnea goes undiagnosed, then people could suffer considerably. Avi Weisfogel has committed his life to increasing patient health, and he feels that Dental Sleep Matters will change patient health for the better.


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