The Newest Luxury Apartments To Hit NYC’s Real Estate Market

// Published November 15, 2016 by User1


New York City has some of the best luxury apartments in the world. Recently, an article published on Haute Living proves that the city is not done with creating even more awesome residences. This article interviewed the top ten developers in the city. They discussed their latest projects of NYC apartments for sale in the most sought after neighborhoods.


The biggest project discussed in the article is simply amazing. The project is called Hudson Yards and is located on twenty-eight acres of prime real estate in the west side of Manhattan. Related Companies, one of the largest development companies in the country, is responsible for the development of this mixed use project.


Another new construction project discussed is being built on Park Avenue. This building has already set a record for sales in the city and isn’t even finished yet. The project is being done by development partners, and brothers, William and Arthur Zeckendorf. These brothers are also well known for their contributions to the most notorious address in the world, 15 Central Park.


Not all development companies in New York are focusing on new construction projects. This is evident in the interview that took place with Veronica Mainetti. Ms. Mainetti is one of the top developers in the city. She is also one of the most prominent women in the entire industry. Her current project is a remodel of a historical building. Once completed, the building will offer luxury apartments with modern features set in a historic, yet sustainable, building.


In addition to having some of the best development companies, New York City is also home to some of the best real estate companies. Town Residential is one of the top NYC real estate companies. The agency has been in business for over a decade. The agents in the company have various specialties and are located in offices throughout the city.


Working with a Town Residential agent is one of the easiest transactions a person can do within the real estate industry. The agent you work with has a specialty in the specific area of the field they work in. The agents are also available at any time they are needed to help their customers find the NYC apartments for sale to fit their needs.

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