Capitol Anesthesiology Association: A Name You Can Trust

// Published November 23, 2016 by User1

Capitol Anesthesiology Association is one of the nation’s largest independent practices that specializes in anesthesiology. CAA was established in 1973 in Austin, Texas and employees over 80 anesthesiologists. The practice also employees over 130 CRNA’s who aide in providing the safest and highest quality care for patients. CAA accomplishes this by continuous education of its providers and by using data reporting which is used to improve the quality of care.

The practice specializes in the three general types of anesthesia specialties: general, regional, and Local/MAC. Along with these areas, CAA can provide pediatric, obstetric, and cardiovascular anesthesia. With these, CAA can provide the variety of care that other practices cannot.

Along with their commitment providing the highest quality care, CAA is heavily involved in the community and philanthropic efforts. One example is a program called Austin Smiles. This program provides reconstructive surgery to children with cleft lip and palate issues located in Central Texas and Latin America. CAA physicians and CRNA’s donate their expertise to this and other causes and maintain a presence in the Austin community.

It is easy to see why CAA is one of the most trusted names in anesthesia in Central Texas as well as the United States. Through constant education and innovation, patients can be assured they are receiving the best care possible. With physician’s and CNRA’s committed to providing the highest quality care to patients and a strong community outreach program, Capitol Anesthesiology Association ( will continue to be one of the top anesthesia practices in the country.

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