Claims Against George Soros Are Greatly Exaggerated

// Published December 20, 2016 by User1

It’s no secret that billionaire George Soros supports liberal ideals. He has spent billions of his own money supporting liberal causes around the world and has even donated heavily to various political elections, including the recent presidential race. Soros is such a well-known and popular figure that it is easy for those who don’t support his intentions to make heavy claims against him.

The most recent of these claims is the idea that Soros is actually funding the protests against Donald Trump that have spread across the nation. This believe has become widespread enough to make national news, but there doesn’t seem to be any truth to it.

The Claims Against Him
Trump supporters have fired a salvo of claims against George Soros after the election, claiming that he is actually funding anti-Trump protestors and contributing to civil unrest.

They believe George Soros – a heavy contributor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and a long supporter of liberal ideals – is trying to create the impression that a larger number of people are against Trump. Some of these conservative claims state that he is actually attempting to create a revolution.

Comments have particularly flared up heavily on Twitter and other social media sites, like Tumblr and Facebook. “Fake news” stories continue to be spread alleging that Soros is involved in these protests in one way or another.

Naturally they provide no evidence for this beyond vague allegations that they’ve run into people who work with his Open Society Foundation or who claim they have received funding. These claims are serious and Soros and his organization have responded to them.

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The Response From Soros
The Open Society Foundation has responded through president Chris Stone, who had this to say: “There have been many false reports about George Soros and the Open Society Foundations funding the protests that have erupted since the U.S. presidential elections. There is no truth to these reports. The only initiative we are planning to fund related to the elections is to respond to hate crimes and speech.”

Stone is referring to the money that George Soros and his foundation regularly donate to fight against hate crime. They pledged $10 million in one week alone and spends another $500 million to support groups that help promote the concept of human rights and justice across the nation and world. They were recently involved in a program to document the use of stop-and-frisk policies, which have been ruled unconstitutional.

The Origin Of Ideas Like These
Conspiracy theories like these are common on both the liberal and conservative side of the fence. They are so popular and appealing because they place the blame for negative situations on one identifiable source. This makes it easier to explain them away and to negate the negative possibilities of what is really occurring.

The idea that millions of Americans are spontaneously protesting Trump of their own free will upsets conservative people. Blaming it on the boogey man of George Soros lets them explain away real concerns and problems. This behavior isn’t isolated to conservatives, but it is one that must be fought against whenever it occurs.

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