Best Bishoujo: Popular Female Anime Characters

// Published March 3, 2017 by User1


We are going to discuss some of the best and most toughest bishoujo, or “pretty girl” characters to ever hit the silver screen. Starting off is one of the most well known characters of the Studio Ghibli franchise, “Princess Mononoke”. The film was released in ’97 and has grown as a cult classic amongst fans from all around the world. Princess Mononoke is a beautiful, wild and resilient character that still holds strong to this day as a fan favorite, especially with cosplay fans, and it was easily one of the most favorite 90s anime. Anime fans will agree that Major Motoko Kusanagi, from the sci-fi film “Ghost in the Shell”, deserves to be named as one of the most popular female leads.

She is a beautiful cyborg; created by master manga artist Masanori Ota, and is extremely wise beyond her years. Another cult-classic anime birthing one of the coolest anime girls is “Ninja Scroll”. Ninja warrior extraordinaire, Kagero, is an antagonist in this anime and has some special abilities. She is immune to all poisons and gradually developed a poisonous body! Lastly, we will go back to Studio Ghibli films and discuss a character from “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind”, also released under the title “Warriors of the Wind”.

Nausicaä is a beautiful young princess that has a cute pet named Foxy. She is a smart, brave and tough warrior that is well respected among anime fans. Nausicaä was actually ranked in 2014 as the ninth greatest anime character of all time by IGN Entertainment Inc.

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