George Soros; One Of The World’s Leading Philanthropists

// Published March 6, 2017 by User1

George Soros is an American billionaire who is recognized around the world. He is the founder of the Soros Fund Management LLC. Soros is rated by Forbes as the 19th richest man with a net worth of 25.2 billion dollars. Due to his huge wealth, Soros has also risen to become one of the most politically powerful men on earth. As a matter of fact, Soros has influenced the reconfiguration of the political landscapes in numerous countries. In the United States, George Soros is arguably the most influential person, in both culture and politics. Through his generous donations, Soros has championed for many noble causes in both the political and philanthropic spheres. Though Soros’ influence goes to a global landscape, he is most felt in the US.

As a Democrat according to Politico, Soros is one of the main funders of the Democratic Party and its causes. Soros is known to have contributed large amounts of money in a bid to oust President Bush from his second term. In the latest election, Soros also contributed more than 25 million dollars in Support for Clinton. George Soros felt Trump’s election would compromise some of the values he had fought for so long, mainly immigrants’ rights. Soros is also one of the founders and the principals of Democracy Alliance. This a network of high net donors who provide financial donations to parties that they endorse.

Just to mention a few of his philanthropic endeavors, The Soros Fund Management announced that it would invest 500 million dollars in companies started by immigrants and refugees. Everyone knows Soros as an individual who has over the years championed immigrants’ rights. He has made plentiful donations to many organizations supporting immigrants. According to on Soros is described as a person who is bent on bringing notable change in the world. Soros has also founded the populously known Open Society Foundation.

The Open Society Foundations is a global organization aiming towards improving justice, public health, independent media and education. The OSF (Open Society Foundations) has branches in over 35 countries across the globe with its headquarters located in New York City. The OSF has also been rated as the private philanthropic organization with the second biggest budget in the United States. The organization records an annual expenditure of almost a billion dollars. The list of donations on by the business magnate George Soros is endless, a factor that makes his influence greater all around the world.

Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. As a teenager, Soros experienced the Nazi occupation in Hungary. He escaped to England in 1947 and attended the London School of Economics. Soros graduated with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and later attained a master’s Degree. He also holds a bachelor of arts/science degree from the London school of economics.

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