Flavio Maluf’s Achievement as the President of Eucatex

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In 1951, Eucatex Group was established in Brazil as the only company which had great care to the environment. For this reason, the company has worked to receive numerous awards. During that time, no laws were governing the use of natural resources. However, the company worked to establish itself as the best option regarding the utilization of these materials. As a matter of fact, it uses eucalyptus trees to develop most of the company’s products and goods sold to the market. This information can be read on economia.estadao.com.br

Eucatex Group is a leading marketer of insulation and liners made from the eucalyptus trees and wood fibres. In the current situation, Eucatex Group is serving as the largest source of furniture in Brazil on maringa.odiario.com. Therefore, it has a lot to export to other countries such as Britain, the United States, and Australia. For the company, here are two main business segments through which it is run.

• The furniture industry – Eucatex Group is one of the largest producers of wood fibre plates in Brazil. According to the Brazilian Magazine, it was ranked among the top producers of Tamburato and MDP products in the country. The company uses eucalyptus trees to manufacture their products using the highest technology in the land.

• The construction industry – Eucatex Group, through this business segment of the company, produces laminate floors. In the recent past, the company on segs.com.br started producing g modular partitions as one of the newest products in the industry. It was to their surprise it achieved numerous industrial growths in the shortest period. They also produce paints and doors.

The current president of Eucatex Group is Flavio Maluf. He is s business individual with a polite character. As much as he is an executive, he works like no other individual in the company. He is more dedicated to business growth and success than any worker in Eucatex Group. In 1987, he joined the company and started working as a junior member. During his career development in a trajectory, Flavio Maluf began working in the trade section of the business where he had the rarest opportunity to get the best education from the company. He moved forward to the manufacturing section after six years.

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