How EOS All But Took Over the Lip Balm Industry

// Published March 14, 2017 by User1

By now the iconic round containers on lip balm are instantly recognizable. EOS (Evolution of Smooth) has become the second best-selling product in its category, falling behind only Burt’s Bees. It has blasted older lip balm away and completely revolutionized the industry.

Creators of EOS lip balm recently did an interview, wherein they discussed how they chose the EOS line.

Quite simply, they looked for a product that was boring, outdated, lazy, and unmarketed. They chose lip balms because they felt that brands were indistinguishable from each other and that the only way any company tried to stand out was by cutting prices.

After a little bit of research, which turned up interesting results (such as lip balm, though considered a unisex item was largely purchased and used by women, as well as the fact that they didn’t like the tubes lip balm came in due to the fact that they could easily be lost in their purses), they were well on their way to creating a product that would defy the industry.

They found that women loved the idea of lip balm tins, but found them unhygienic. Thus, the iconic round container was born.

The creators also thought that women should be able to enjoy their products, deciding on delicious and interesting flavors ( ) rather than the standard non-flavored, or cherry or mint flavored.

Another way that they became so successful was to market directly to Millennials who were style-conscious. They became leaders in the influencer-marketing arena. They asked prominent personalities in the beauty blog industry to review their products on Facebook and other social media sites. To this day, Millennials still love EOS, whose skin care products are still selling like hot cakes.

EOS is now one of the top in the industry, still campaigning for fun and flavor with a wide array of interesting tastes to grace your lips with.


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