Betsy DeVos Shares Her Vision of Success

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For entrepreneurs and other people to succeed, they have to have a vision of success. A vision could be anything. One example of a vision is an end goal for all of their activities. It does depend on the industry that one is involved in. For one thing, the education industry has caught the attention of Betsy DeVos. She has always shared her compassion with others as she has looked to what she could do in order to make their lives better. The education industry has gotten her attention because she understands that not every student has a fair chance at success.

One of the issues that she has seen is that schools have been determined by zip codes. Therefore, children were stuck with the schools that they happened to live closest to. As a result, they just had to deal with any of the issues that came with the zip code. The communities are often very dangerous in low income zip codes. The only way people were able to get their children in better schools was to pay for it. As a result, children were often left in less than ideal circumstances. This is something that Betsy DeVos hated about the current system.

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While many other people have settled for just talking about issues and showing displeasure with the way things are, Betsy DeVos has decided to take action in order to bring forth alternatives that children could benefit from. One major alternative that she has brought forth is school choice. She has pushed the alternatives and many states and communities have elected to have this type of option. The communities have also come to appreciate this proposal.

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Betsy was asked what success to her looks like and she has stated that her goals are to make it so that every parent can have the choice to enroll their children in schools that are very safe and helpful for their growth and education. After all, it is the quality of education that has a lot of influence as to where a child can go and how far he can go.

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