How to Save Your Own Life

// Published June 1, 2017 by User1

As we make our way through day-to-day life, we often find it difficult to find the time to properly address our health. However, if we truly understood the value and importance of monitoring and maintaining our body’s vital systems, we would drop everything to make that appointment. That’s why Lifeline Screening’s on-site programs in convenient local settings such as community centers, places of worship, and senior centers can literally be a lifesaver.Lifeline Screening offers a variety of important health and wellness screening tests. These include:

  • Ultrasound imaging (to identify potential cardiovascular risks)
  • Finger-stick blood screenings (cholesterol, glucose, C-reactive protein, and liver enzyme levels)
  • Non-invasive EKG (irregular heartbeat, a significant risk factor for stroke)

Ultimately, the most important outcome that these services provide is peace of mind. Most people who undergo health screening tests will have results that fall within the normal range. Although no screening test can guarantee a risk-free future, the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re not at an elevated risk for dangerous health conditions can be priceless. Perhaps more importantly, the individuals whose test results do indicate a higher risk factor are armed with the knowledge they need to make appropriate lifestyle changes in order to reduce their chances of a negative health outcome.

Healthcare is one of the most vexing problems facing today’s employers. Every company wants to take care of its employees, but the cost of medical care in the United States challenges even the most committed organization. On-site wellness screenings can play a major role in achieving a sustainable outcome that benefits all stakeholders. Employees become more educated about their own health risk factors, giving them the tools to better manage chronic conditions. An uncontrolled condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure can result in lost time and productivity, not to mention the employee’s reduced quality of life. By eliminating barriers with an on-site program, companies empower their workforce to make the best choices for themselves and their families.Every person is responsible for their own health and well-being. Companies like Lifeline Screening give individuals the power and knowledge to make informed decisions whose effects will be felt long after the initial screening is over.

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