Equities First Holdings Expands its Alternative Shareholder Financing Investment in Australia

// Published June 9, 2017 by User1

Equities First Holdings began in 2002 as an alternative funding lender. The company specializes in offering stock-based loans as capital for financing strategic investment, business expansion, or similar functions. It provides money for public traded share exchanges across the globe. Stock-based loans are unlimited, and therefore the capital is available for any other duties. Most stock-based loans are also non-recourse. Equities First Holdings has over seven thousand transactions in its track record valued at over $1.4 billion. The company offers loan fixed interests, high loans-to-value.

In a move to exploit the growing opportunities for alternative shareholder financing in mature markets, Equities First Holdings relocated its Melbourne office in Australia to Melbourne central business district. The company’s managing director for its Australian subsidiary Mitchell Hopwood defended the move as commensurate with Equities First Holding increasing growth in Australia. He cited the importance of the relocation in giving the company an improved space for accommodating its growing customers and staff. Equities First Holdings operates in two other locations in Australia in Perth and Sydney. Besides Australia, Equities First Holdings also has offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Switzerland besides the company’s home office in Indianapolis in the United States.

Equity Holdings success rests in its staff of expert and experienced team. Equities First Holdings president is Al Christy Jr. is the president serving since the establishment in 2002. Al Christy Jr. is a specialist in the field of cash-flow strategy, long-term planning and resource allocation. Christy also has a track record of discipline and passion derived from his experience as an athletic coupled with experience and expertise accumulated in the financial industry. Before venturing into the alternative lending field, Christy was the owner of the mortgage banking company, Diversified Financial Group, which he began in 1996. The company focused on residential, commercial and small enterprise loans. Christy also served as Fidelity Investment loan originator in 1994-96. He is an alumnus of Indiana University.

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