Jason Hope Believes That Our Future Will Be Shaped By Smart Technologies That Are Interconnected

// Published June 23, 2017 by User1

Many people are increasingly embracing smart technologies as a component of modern living. Today it is not surprising to find many individuals who are ready to spend thousands of dollars for smart houses and smart technologies. Tech analysts paint a fascinating picture on future of technologies such smart homes and smart devices.One of the individuals who portray a lot of confidence on what the future of smart living and smart devices holds for everyone is entrepreneur cum futurist Jason Hope. Jason hope is an acclaimed businessman who has built a solid fortune and name for himself in the tech world. Jason’s informative articles at Tech.co on trends that are shaping the technology world put him ahead of his peers.

One of the topics of focus on technology for Jason Hope is the Internet of Things. Internet of Things is a technology that seeks to interconnect devices and appliances to the web and building of standards through which the devices can interact and communicate. For Instance, we would all love to switch off a bulb or turn on a water tap remotely. How about being able to draw your home window curtains at the comfort of your office chair? The Internet of Things presents a new world of numerous possibilities.

Jason Hope believes that smart technologies offer more convenience to consumers and enable them to carry out daily tasks in a more exciting manner. Mundane tasks such as making coffee in the morning are made easier and efficient by use of the Internet of Things. Internet of things will create new jobs and new fields of research. As a matter of fact, many companies are now keen on this technology than they were a few decades ago.

Some of the merits of the Internet of Things lies in its ability to reduce waste make the daily life of everyone easier and enhance security among people in the society. Jason Hope explains that one of the sectors of the economy that has benefited much from the Internet of Things include the transportation industry. For a long time, smart devices that are interconnected on the Internet have guided motorists on the highways so as to decongest traffic and give drivers alternative routes for shortcut.

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