Counterculture Icon Continues to Fight the Establishment in the Trump Era

// Published July 2, 2017 by User1

Fifty years ago, the Summer of Love proclaimed the peak time of the counterculture movement, which started with the Beat generation and managed to stay relatively underground until its big moment arrived in 1967. One of the most prominent figures of the American counterculture is Ed Sanders, a man who was once featured on the cover of Life magazine as the leader of “The Other Culture.”


That other culture Sanders was talking about eventually became known as the counterculture movement, and he went on to put together the influential rock band The Fugs. Aside from his musical endeavors, Sanders opened a New York bookstore that specialized in underground literature and also became a political leader and magazine publisher.


One of The Fugs’ most famous moments came during the protests against the Vietnam War. The band played in front of the Pentagon and conducted an “exorcism” in the name of peace. These days, The Fugs are back and still performing exorcisms to drive the demons out of the establishment, which is currently represented by the chaotic Trump administration.


The Fugs have recently performed at the Lincoln Memorial and at the White House. Sanders also made it a point for The Fugs to perform at Cooper Union, which is where President Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican to be elected to the highest office in the United States, delivered a speech that would eventually abolish slavery and cause the Civil War.


In a recent interview with Flagpole, a publication based in the State of Georgia, Sanders expressed mild concern at the thought of the self-proclaimed “alt-right” movement being called the new counterculture. He thinks that people who support such an exclusionary cause are bound to fail because socialism tends to always prevail in the end.


Sanders does not have a lot of hope in events such Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States; however, he sees that young people are once again riling against the establishment, and this is something that reminds him about the Summer of Love.

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