Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Success

// Published July 4, 2017 by User1

Kate Hudson is a relatively successful actress who has been working for her spot in Hollywood for many years. She has done a lot with different things in the business and has made sure that she is doing what she can to be successful. One of the things that she wanted to do to increase her success was creating a clothing line. She wanted to make something that was made for real women, was easy to purchase and was something fun. She wanted to have a huge part in it and that is something that she has managed to do with Fabletics and the things that she has created.


The Fabletics line was created for every woman. It is a size inclusive brand and one that has prints, styles and patterns that will suit a variety of women. This was important to Kate Hudson because she knew that some of the athleisurewear brands were not inclusive of all women and that caused some problems. It also caused those companies to lose out on entire markets of women. Kate Hudson did not want to do that and has chosen to offer sizes from XS to 3X so that women are able to get exactly what they need no matter what size they are.


Most people don’t have the time to shop for clothes. Even fewer people have the time to shop for workout clothes that they are only going to use for their fitness ventures. Kate Hudson knew this when she came up with some of the concepts for Fabletics and she wanted to make sure that her line was not like that. Now, women are able to get exactly what they need from the brand and they don’t even have to leave the comfort of their own home. They are given a select few pieces of clothing to choose from and then the clothes are shipped directly to them. The choices are chosen by a stylist who knows what they like based on the style quiz that people must take to join Fabletics.


Most workout clothes can be really boring and many of them are uncomfortable. Kate Hudson wanted clothes that people could feel good about and have fun with. It was something that was a huge part of the brand for her. She works hard to make sure that the prints are fun and not too athletic-like so that people can feel stylish while they are working out.


Everything that Fabletics does is attached to Kate Hudson. She felt like she wasn’t truly famous until she had the line and that has certainly done it for her. Not only does she do voiceovers of the commercials for Fabletics but she is also in a lot of the commercials. She plays a huge part of the brand and making people aware. Kate Hudson always does what she can to show people what they need to be able to get out of the brand and what they can get from the athleisurewear.

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