Wonder Woman and the Paradox of Spaces

// Published July 5, 2017 by User1

Wonder Woman “may just be the superhero film to beat this year,” according to Screenrant. This film has it all: a compelling script, credible casting, and excellent special effects.



Women Only Screenings At the Alamo Drafthouse


Women-only screenings were being offered at Austen’s iconic indy movie house chain, the Alamo Drafthouse. Yet controversy erupted over the proposed screenings by disgruntled would-be male viewers who claimed discrimination. It’s an interesting question: does making public space available to historically disenfranchised groups, in the hopes of making them “safe spaces,” paradoxically make them discriminatory to other groups?


Austin’s mayor chimed in with a witty retort inspired by the email of a man who felt discriminated against. The mayor’s rejoinder claimed concern that the guy’s email account must have been hijacked because no sane, contemplative individual would own the opinions that the guy had espoused.



Somewhere in Olympia


At the same time, controversy erupted at Evergreen State University in Olympia when students organized a “Day of Absence & Day of Presence,” asking white students and faculty to leave the campus.



Safe Space vs. Exclusionary Space


It’s a tricky proposition. On the one hand, it’s a fine thing for people with a common goal or history or agenda to have a place to discuss past grievances and future plans. Yet, at what point is a space to make yourself heard a soap box for preaching to the choir?


Perhaps we can open up our dialogue? An idea: What if those of us who know, firsthand, the pain of prejudice model inclusiveness by our actions? Are we ready to have an authentic conversation? A dialogue where all voices are heard. Say it loud and proud, in a word: Yes.



Making the World a Safe Place for Wonder Woman


A world where all are welcomed is a place in which Wonder Woman would feel totally at peace. Let’s make it happen.


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