Underground Culture: Better Hidden But Not Dead

// Published July 8, 2017 by User1

It might not seem real to a lot of people, but the counter culture is retailing over the counter, but still, we should see new alternative spaces and happenings. To shade light on the cultures, you should go back and try to evaluate the events in the sixties and seventies then relate them to what’s happening today. If you were a teenager back in the eighties, you sure should have been a devotee of magazines such as the Oz and Frendz. Such publications brought to light the marriages between porno graphics, fashion (loons), and prog rock.



That’s a typical illustration of the golden age whose descendants were part of the social landscape of London in the eighties, which included the ambiguous parties, the anarchist center in Railton Road Brixton, and squatted café in Bonnington Square. What might not be known is that variations in such culture still exist in London, but have evolved to over-the –counter culture of pop-ups and cool cafes that have changed the retail experience. It’s not surprising that most cinemas in London show the same films as chains.



A typical example is the once enjoyed Electric Cinema on Portobello Road, which is a screen multiplex or mono plex where you can enjoy the latest movie release from the comfort of your business-class lounge. A City like Texas, for instance, has branded itself as the best alternative to the unspecified mainstream. While there is a constant influx of Kindles and e-readers, one bookstore, known as ” The Book People” brings an alternative.



As opposed to the book buying scenes, the bookstore takes into account pieces that are carefully hand-picked. For instance, the Malvern books will only keep titles that are published by the independent press. The fact that content can be generated electronically is the reason why publishers are striving to release more beautiful and imaginative content to equip stores such as the Book People.


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