Megyn Kelly’s Role in the Culture War

// Published July 9, 2017 by User1

To those left-of-center, Megyn Kelly’s scheduled interview with Alex Jones is considered a travesty. To those on the far right, her interview is a hatchet job. This reaction confirms that Alex Jones, the creator of the Infowars website, is indeed a controversial figure. What the controversy says about the minds of the far-right has proven revealing, while Kelly seems to be caught in the crossfire.


First, a bit of background. Jones is a conspiracy theorist with a large following. He promoted the idea that the Sandy Hook Massacre was a hoax staged by actors and no children were ever killed. He also asserts that the 9/11 attacks were an “inside job.” But when it comes to Kelly he leverages his biggest theory: that there is a deep state. In this deep state, the government is supposedly nothing more than a puppet being controlled by a small group of people. According to Infowars, Megyn Kelly is now part of the deep state and her mission is to take down those who are poised to reveal its secrets.


Though there is no evidence to support that Kelly is a deep state operative, there is no evidence to contradict it. The evidence that is cited by Infowars, and is believed by the Infowars counterculture, is Kelly’s new mainstream media job, her rise in visibility and salary and her apparent attack on Jones.


Clips from the interview reveal Kelly asking Jones to explain his positions on Sandy Hook and 9/11. She also accuses him of dodging her questions. From Jones’ viewpoint, the camera crews manipulated the lighting to make him look villainous and Kelly failed to ask the real questions that would reveal the deep state.


Jones tells his viewers that he agreed to the interview in order to see how the mainstream media operates and that he wanted to “see the fembot …. for himself.” There is no mention of whether he received any payment from NBC.


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