How Millenials are Changing the Independent Film Scene

// Published July 11, 2017 by User1

Millennial-Driven Changes in Independent Film Marketing and Distribution


Hoping to cash in on data from a recent study revealing that 3 out of 4 millennials have a preference for paying for an experience over paying for a product, several independent film marketers and distributors are adjusting their business strategies accordingly.


Marketers are creating plans focused on individuality and leveraging media distribution channels and social media venues that are popular with millennials. On-demand streaming is also increasing in its importance as a means of distribution.


YouTube Tv


Back in April, YouTube announced their $35 per month live-tv streaming service will be deployed in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, New York and Chicago. The service will deliver programming from independent film networks including SundanceTV, IFC and AMC with additional channels expected to be added within the near future.


On Demand Independent Films by Cable and Satellite Providers


Time Warner, Dish, Verizon and DirecTV have announced their own plans to provide On-Demand access to the recent popular indie films “The Birth of a Nation” and “Jackie.”



Demand Film’s “Cinema Event” Screenings


Demand Film, an Australian firm with a unique socially-driven film-venue model. introduced its “cinema event” program in the U.S. and Canada this month. The innovative program allows participants to create “cinema events” at independent movie theaters and other auditoriums in the firm’s network. The program allows theater rentals for screening films that would otherwise not be shown in traditional theaters. The company describes itself as “[the] Airbnb of cinema.” Managing director David Doepel, hopes to reach an audience of ½ billion by his North American expansion.



Tennessee’s Central Cinema Counter-Culture Theater


Two classic movie enthusiasts announced their plans to open a single-screen theater featuring silver-screen and film noir period movies. The founders, William Mahaffey and Nick Huinker of Knoxville, TN, have also run the area’s Knoxville Horror Film Festival for the past 9 events. Their Central Cinema theater will also feature weekend showings of midnight movies, niche market releases and counter-culture films.



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