Underground News Writer is Discussed on Popular Television Show

// Published July 12, 2017 by User1

An underground news contributor has recently discussed his intentions for a satirical article he wrote about daytime television host, Whoppi Goldberg. In a story originally covered by Buzzfeed, the underground news reporter, who chose to remain anonymous, stated that his work was taken out of context by readers who did not properly view his disclosure before sharing and commenting on the article.


The underground article written by the contributor consisted of a satirical news story about Whoopi Goldberg’s comments regarding a United States military officer and her involvement in the inauguration of President Donald Trump. The article received thousands of shares on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and quickly lost its satirical disclaimer noticed. By the end of the week the piece was published, most people who had read the article assumed it was true.


Whoopi Goldberg announced on her talk show, The View, that she was outraged about the news reported in the story and would seek the proper ramifications. She called the satirical story baseless and stated that she believe the piece was simply an attention seeking method on behalf of the unknown author. Goldberg also stated that the article had caused her to increase security in her home because of threats that had been made to her and her family regarding the article.


The article’s author told Buzzfeed that he believed that Goldberg’s allegations were unfounded. He stated that the responsibility involved in satirical news lied with the reader because he did, indeed, place a disclosure on the article that told readers the piece was satirical. The underground writer has become quite popular as a result of the attention Goldberg has given to the article and has made plans to continue to release his pieces based on underground and satirical news. He has stated that Goldberg’s rant about his article on her popular talk show should lead viewers to question the star’s stances on free speech in the American culture.


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