Dr. Edward Honig Keeps Hearts Beating In New York City

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There is little doubt that diabetes is a major health issue, not only in the United States, but around the world. One of the most deleterious effects of diabetes, aside from widespread problems with feet and toes, is that it quite regularly presents, in the fullness-of-time, in the form of heart problems. Cardiology is seeing more and more patients every day as a result of complications related to diabetes. A difficult pregnancy can also lead to the need to see a cardiologist, and a little-known fact is that swollen gums are often an indication of an underlying heart disease issue.


Cardiologists like Edward Honig are medical doctors who specialize in blood vessels, heart function and our cardiovascular system. Hypertension might be a leading cause of what precipitates a visit to the cardiologist, but that said, cardiologists also treat heart murmurs, heart attack patients and those suffering from coronary heart disease. Talking with your GP, should you have some questions about the efficacy of your heart function, or are experiencing some anomalies, would likely lead to visiting a cardiologist just to be checked out.


If you happen to live on Long Island, and are commuting distance to Glen Cove, then you might want to see Dr. Edward Honig. He is a very popular and talented cardiologist operating out of Glen Cove Hospital on Long Island. A number of industry-related accolades have come his way, and many regard him as one of the top cardiologists in New York. A simple internet search on Dr. Edward Honig will reveal widespread love people in this area of New York have for this prominent cardiologist.


Having found a great professional to work with is very helpful, but when you find a great doctor, the bond is much greater. This invariably leads us to the insecure thought of what happens when they retire, or where a geographical relocation will negate us from being able to consult with that professional. Good doctors are hard to find, and great doctors are near-impossible to find. Many people feel just this way about Edward Honig and the invaluable experience they have had with him, and many have their very lives to thank him for. A big heart, high-standards and an accumulation of talent across the span of his entire career truly makes him truly a one-in-a-million.

For more on Dr. Honig’s work: http://www.builtinnyc.com/member/edward-honig

The great part about technology, as it correlates to advancements in care, is the near-immediate dissemination of pertinent information as it relates to healthcare. A great doctor will not be better as a result of technology, but what they know, and what they have found through patient care, is going to strengthen the industry at-large through technological advancements. That said, we cannot create another Dr. Edward Honig, but at the very least, technology will provide us a reflection, in perpetuity, of the great work he did, an invaluable point-of-reference indeed.

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