Jennifer Walden Plastic Surgeon Extraordinaire

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This is truly the age when image is everything. Selfies have become the most popular form of photography, and most people want to see beautiful women and men on red carpet events. Face lifts once the standard fare of plastic surgeons has now been replaced by boob jobs. Today girls as young as 16 are driven to be as statuesque as super stars and models. The American culture continues on its path toward superficial beauty and even allows once banned porn stars to play a part in the popular culture. In this revolution of botox, face peels, lifts, tucks, and breast enhancements, even men are flocking to plastic surgeons for repair of double chins, beer bellies, and saggy eyelids. Plastic surgery is only a bad thing for those who can not afford these procedures.

If you are considering joining the ranks of people who have had one of these procedures, you want to be pleased with the results, and you need the best practitioner available in your area. Vanity Fair recently compiled a very selective list of the 24 best plastic surgeons in the United States of America and selected Dr. Jennifer Walden from Austin, Texas to receive their commendation.

Walden is a woman who is totally a product of the Lone Star state. She received all of her education in Texas; receiving her medical degree at the University of Texas-Galveston. She has a huge family located in Austin. While she spent a period of time interning under Dr. Sherrell Aston in Manhattan, her heart and soul were in Austin.

Walden exemplifies the dedicated practitioner, astute and professional with dedication to her work; as proof of her work ethic she was too busy during her 20’s and 30’s to have normal relationships but at 39 decided she wanted to have children and that her biological timeclock was nearing midnight. Walden opted for in vitro fertilization, and she is now the proud mother of two boys. She continues her successful practice in Austin, Texas and is often seen on television discussing any of the numerous facets of plastic surgery and enhancement procedures.

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